X-Plane Releases Version 11.20 beta 4

X Plane 11 Landmarks Sydney Opera Lights

Update: 21:40z on 7th April 2018

Sorry for the confusion on this – it’s just an update to the beta version. The fixes found in beta 4 can be found below. -Cal

Laminar Research has released 11.20 beta 4 version of X-Plane. The latest version provides a number of new features and improvements, including native VR support.

Along with native VR, the new release includes updated VR-friendly aircraft, including the addition of the Aerolite 103. The update also enables higher performance graphics code for AMD drivers.

Along with the VR and graphics update, the latest release also squashes a variety of GPS and FMS bugs, and even improves on the already impressive night lighting.

The update is available when you launch the X-Plane updater located in the root sim folder.

This is the list of fixes found in beta 4.

  • Fixes for VR manipulators slipping.
  • Updated ILS data.
  • XPD-8732 Fixed VR keyboard hide button.
  • XPD-8781 Fix for low fps on Linux.
  • XPD-9008 Fixes for Baron EGT.
  • XPD-9043 C172 – “Volts” warning not lighting up when bat is discharging.
  • XPD-9046, XPD-9052 XP11 style Windows Positioned into VR are missing window decorations.
  • XPD-9048 Cursor callbacks and custom cursors work in VR.
  • XPD-9049 Fix for self-decorated resizable SDK windows wrongly getting a close button.
  • XPD-9051 Setting an XPLMWindow to invisible in VR causes crash.
  • XPD-9058 Fixed stutters/weapon changes with F-4.
  • XPD-9061 Fixed broken annunciators/OBJ lit level.
  • XPD-9071 Mouse coordinates for click handlers in plugin VR window are off, especially after resizing.
  • XPD-9073 C172 autopilot texture digits scrambled.
  • XPD-9074 Fixed out of sync UBO due to false material sharing in Kingair.
  • XPD-9076 Fixed ATTR_diffuse_rgb not working.
  • XPD-9081 VRconfig.txt warnings with Zibo 737 need only 1 confirmation.
  • XPD-9089 Better VR keyboard positioning in non-holodeck.
  • XPD-9092 Baron 58 red gear in transit light not working.
  • XPD-9100 Fixed atc window going crazy when attached to mouse.
  • XPD-9102 Invisible plugin window blocks some VR controller functions.
  • XPD-9103 Fix for invisible windows getting tchotchkes created for them.

11.20 General New Features & Improvements

  • Native VR now supported.
  • Higher performance graphics code enabled for AMD drivers.
  • Updated aircraft for VR, including a brand new Aerolite 103.
  • New landmarks for Sydney, Australia.
  • Customizable jetways kit & terminal kit updates for use with WED.
  • Many GPS & FMS fixes & improvements.
  • In-app purchasing option for new demo users.
  • Updated German translations.
  • New alert messaging system.
  • Fixes for dead-reckoning improve formation flying.
  • Enhancements and new options for .joy configuration files.
  • Improved night lighting textures in far views.
  • Columbia 400 aircraft with new G1000 (3D work by Captain_Noob 75)
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