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Thanks to our friends over at Helisimmer, they were quick to inform their community that has been hacked. According to a forum post by Nicolas, it would appear that “some” passwords have been exposed for those that use their forums. If you use their store, then you will be unaffected, but if you use the same password for both (tsk tsk), then you should really consider changing it immediately.

Whilst Nicolas is quick to point out that only some have been hacked, it’s highly recommended that everyone changes their passwords immediately.

Again, the guys at Helisimmer did a great job at putting together a quick guide on creating a safe and secure password:

  • Don’t use the same password for several websites;

  • Use a password manager so that you can easily control all of your passwords. Keepass is a great option;

  • Use a strong password (Keepass can help with this as well). 12345678 is not a good password. “password” is also not a good password;

  • Change your passwords regularly;

  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone.

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