X-Plane 10 on Sale for $19.99 on Steam – Not Eligible for Free Upgrade to V11

X-Plane 10 is on sale on the Steam store for $19.99, however it should be known that although the X-Plane website states you will get a free upgrade to X-Plane 11 with the purchase of X-Plane 10 digital download; That deal does not include purchases from Steam, which is listed on their site, or other store fronts. The free upgrade is only for purchases from X-Plane’s website. Laminar Research fails to make that known anywhere on their website, only stating that the “digital” version gets an upgrade.

Upon reaching out to Laminar Research asking for a comment on why a Steam purchase would not get you X-Plane 11, they did reply to my email, but failed to comment on the inquiry.

That special Combo Package is only available through our website, Sir, not Steam. To be honest, this is the first I have heard of this and I have no had any other users e-mail me after they purchased a Steam version expecting to get v11 for free.

Please let me know if you need anythign else and I’ll do my best to be of assistance


We will continue to monitor the situation and update you if required.

X-Plane Website
X-Plane 10 on Steam

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