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X-Plane aircraft developer, X-Crafts, has taken to the X-Plane forum to announce their update for the ERJ135-145XR and Legacy 650 aircraft, to version 1.3.3.

Although the team have been focussing on their all-new E-Jets development, the advances to the ERJ family of aircraft has not stopped and the post reiterates that the further development on the smaller ERJ aircraft will continue, having planned more features in the near future.

The X-Crafts team have made multiple changes and additions across the board including fixes and new features to avionics, modelling and the autopilot system. Additions to the avionics displays include being able to see trend vectors on the PFD which shows where the aircraft will be in terms of speed and altitude in 10 seconds and 6 seconds respectively, airspeed tape comes alive at 40 knots which is more true to life as well as green tape added to the pitch trim indicator on the Engine Information and Crew Alert System screen.

In terms of modelling, the team has improved the texturing around the cockpit, added PBR textures to the wings as well as alterations to the APU inlet. The autopilot system will now enable pitch up for overspeed when in VS mode which permits using the maximum airspeed whilst using the autopilot system. A full list of changes in version 1.3.3 is available below.

To update your ERJ family, you can either use the automatic SkunkCrafts updater (ensure you have the latest version of the updater to avoid any installation issues) or head over to the store where you can re-download and install the complete aircraft.

If you don’t already own the ERJ family of aircraft, you can purchase all six variants for $89.99 from the X-Plane Store.


  • Revised CRS knobs for CA and FO.
  • Total fuel used will reset if the FMS is cleared using the CLR (twice inside of five seconds).
  • You can now manipulate YAW and ROLL knobs on the back of the pedestal in VR to change yaw and roll trim.
  • Pressurization controller increment changed to 100 instead of 500ft.
  • Trend vectors added to the PFD for both Speed and altitude.
  • Airspeed tape becomes live only after 40kts like on the real aircraft
  • Added Horizontal Localizer deviation (dot) scale just underneath the artificial horizon.
  • Added a green tape to the pitch trim indicator to match the real EICAS.
  • Yoke visibility command changed.  You can now hide the yokes by clicking on the yokes
  • Added the ability to open doors by clicking on them
  • Wings were not using PBR in the last version.
  • Fixed some texturing issues around the cockpit.
  • Switching to RADIO 2 on the RMU1 showed a texturing glitch. Fixed.
  • Changed lighting of monitor knobs to match the flood light.
  • Fixed Elevator animation.
  • Rudder deflection time now a bit slower.
  • Fixed the cargo bit sticking out of the fuselage on the E140.
  • Fixed APU inlet model.
  • I was not using a golden ticket number 8! golden ticket twice.
  • AP pitch up for Overspeed is now active only if the aircraft is in VS mode.
  • Cabin sounds will only reset after you fly
  • Added custom commands for all doors
  • Added custom command to reset total fuel used
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