X-CPL Pilot Released For X-Plane 11


A new addon has emerged in the X-Plane skies and is ready for users to explore. X-CPL is the newest “General Aviation Business Simulation” giving flight simulator users the experience on how to handle their own general aviation business.

X-CPL offers pilots the ability to be an entrepreneur and pilot for hire. You can hand pick the jobs you do, ranging from parachuting, cargo and passenger, all the way to sightseeing jobs. Whether you use the addon to fly time-critical VIP missions or relaxing tour jobs, the choice is up to you.

The X-CPL addon brings many features to the table such as a random contract generator creates routes that spans over 14 different destination, accurate amount of fees, chartercost and your income based on  real world data, varying depending on aircraft, airport size and seasons and a rating system assesses your skills as a pilot.

Version 1.05 Update (July 20th 2020)
  •  Workaround for crash when window is popped out. (11.41 related)
  • Added a option in the settings window, to place the menu on the left, right or hide it completely
  • Changes on edit fields, due to typing issues with different Keyboard-Languages
  • Display from floating point numbers improved
  • You can now manage specific jobs/routes for your FBO’s.

The developer has also announced that updates in the future will also bring the option of aircraft purchasing and employee hiring. Pilots will be able to assign employees to planes and routes, adding another ability of how you run your business.

If you want to get your hands on X-CPL, it is available at the Store for $32.90 USD.

To view more details on X-CPL and development updates to the addon, visit the Forums.


  • Jobs/Missions
  • Multi-Legs
  • VR Compatible
  • 3D Custom Objects
  • Progress System
  • Real Time Scene Editor
  • Customize Scenarios
  • Multiple Languages
  • Written in C++
  • Custom Sounds

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