X-Plane World Editor 2.0r1 Beta Released

X Plane 11 2

World Editor (also known as WED) has received a major update.

World Editor is a 2D open source tool that allows anyone to edit the thousands of airports already in X-Plane, as well as creating their own airports. The fact that is is open source means that anyone can do a whole load of things such as building object libraries or using existing ones and implementing them within their own scenery.

You can find all the latest releases for WED here, with WED Version 2.0r1 being under ‘Latest Beta Version’.

Major Features in V2.0

  • Automatic background maps via OpenStreetmap and ESRI Orthoimagery
  • New overlay layer featuring NAVAIDs and airport layout
  • Adjustable text size
  • Support for runway suffixes S, T and W
  • Supports new XP11.30 apt.dat format with 8.33kHz channels for ATC frequencies
  • Numerous bug fixes
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