Wing42 Releases Blériot XI for MSFS

Bleriot Xi For Msfs

German developer Wing42, known for its Lockheed Vega aircraft addon released for FSX and P3D version 4 back in 2018, has just released their rendition of the Blériot XI for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Built by famed French aviator and engineer Louis Blériot back in 1909, the Blériot XI was the 11th rendition of Blériot’s first and only aircraft design.  The aircraft undertook its first flight on January 23rd, 1909 at Issy-les-Moulineaux, a small district in Paris, France. In addition to the model being considered as the first successful monoplane aircraft to have been built, the Blériot “Onze” performed the then record-setting and famed 36-minute flight across the English Channel. Although considered simplistic by today’s standards of aviation, the Blériot XI possesses certain quirks that require a very hands-on approach, with one of these quirks being that its cruise speed is only 7 knots above its stall speed.

Given its famed history, it is no wonder that Wing42 took up the challenge to faithfully recreate this gem of aviation history for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Included in the package are two versions of the famed airframe; the first being the Anzani-powered version of the aircraft that Louis Blériot flew over the Channel back in 1909, while the second version included, is the more common and stronger Gnome T-9 powered version, introduced back in 1914. Both models have been meticulously recreated in the virtual world, with detailed animations ranging all the way up to the opening and closing of exhaust valves on the cylinders.  Additionally, the latest PBR technology has been used on all parts of the airframe and both models are equipped with custom sound sets, faithfully recreating the roar of both, the 7- and 9 cylinder, piston engines.  The aircraft also benefits from a custom-designed flight model having been created by aerodynamics expert, Pamela Brooker, on the basis of both real-world data analysis and actual pilot testimonies.

The aircraft can be purchased from Wing42’s website for €16.80; £15.00; $19.92, Ex VAT.

Feature List

  • High fidelity 3D models
  • State-of-the-art high-resolution PBR textures
  • Custom animations for all moving parts
  • Super-realistic flight model created by aerodynamics expert Pamela Brooker
  • Included are both the 7-cylinder and 9-cylinder piston engine variants
  • Two custom sound sets for both engine variants
  • Comes with 11 distinct liveries
  • Documentation consists of a 20-page manual
  •  As a bonus: 39-page e-booklet about the history of this great flying machine, written by aviator Tom Harnish
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