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Wing42 Lockheed Vega 0.9 Preview


There is a lot coming with the 0.9 updates for the Wing42 Lockheed Vega.

Wing42 have been working around the clock to bring the latest version of their classic Lockheed Vega. From simple bug fixes to physical wear and tear of the aircraft. New to the Lockheed Vega, is the wear, tear, and maintenance feature. With other 100 malfunctions with plenty more to come, this has been the most work-intensive change to the Vega. Your new aircraft mechanic, Jack, will fix any issues you may find yourself dealing with throughout your flights. Just like a real mechanic, you can describe the symptoms and Jack will take the appropriate actions to fix your damaged bird. When he finds an issue(s) he will report it to you and give you a quick briefing of what went wrong, how it was fixed, and how to prevent it in the future.

4New sounds have been added as well to go along with this large update. Wing42 have made a video showcasing said new sounds. The video in this article shows you exactly what kind of sounds you can expect.

Other changes have been made as well. The flight model has been changed, an overhaul of the payload manager, a fully functional Winnie Mae, and countless tweaks and changes to the model and prop-o-tronic physics engine.


No release date has been set, nor if there will be an upgrade price, but if you cannot wait to try this out, Wing42 is offering those who currently own the Lockheed Vega to reach out the development team to join their insider program and get an early access version of the aircraft. Contact information can be found on the Wing42 website. If you wish to purchase the Lockheed Vega, it is available for all versions of FSX and P3Dv4+ for €55.00.

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