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Who Is the Mysterious New “Parallel 42” Presenting at FlightSimExpo?

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Since the official FlightSimExpo speaker list was revealed, I have been curious as to who “Parallel 42” is. Googling the name brought no results, nor did typing in random URLs associated to that name. With my curiosity piqued as to who this mysterious developer is, and what possible product they could announce, I started to dig a little deeper. I am now confident I have figured out who they are and what type of product will be coming from them.

One of the perks of being a media partner at FlightSimExpo is the ability to have access to a confidential list of exhibitors and their contact details. It is something many agree to and is in aid of opening lines of communication with these people ahead of times (to book interviews). With that data in hand, I checked out who was behind the team at Parallel 42. A familiar name popped up, but it wasn’t an exact match to who I was expecting.

Then came along the YouTube teaser released only a few hours ago. The teaser was a very short clip of a box, with a momentary flash of an iPad screen. The voiceover at the beginning is what then gave it away to me: “Hey, it’s Ivana Fly…” – I instantly recognised that as a familiar identity and then it all came together.

A bit of digging later and my hunch is confirmed.

Parallel 42 is a brand new company developing a brand new utility called “The Skypark”.

Now knowing what I know, it was time to contact my sources and see what was happening. I got a phone call pretty quickly and I am pleased to now confirm some exclusive details about who exactly Parallel 42 are and what The Skypark is.

Who is Parallel 42?

They are a team of four people from within the community. They have experience in community management, content creation, as well as being part of teams who have made some of the most used add-ons within the community. They already have plenty of knowledge and experience in the simulation field, so they’ll understand what simmers are looking for in a product.

What Do We Know About The Skypark?

I can confirm that The Skypark will be a downloadable tool for at least Windows Desktop and iOS devices. As for Mac and Android, I haven’t been given any confirmation at this point.
On tablet devices, it will be called The Skypad.

*enhanced frame from the teaser

During my investigation, I also came across the desktop installer. Sadly, I couldn’t get any further since I didn’t have any login credentials, nor do I know how to create one. However, even installing the application was very neat. The way the colours dance over the UI was very cool. You could even log in as the installer was acquiring all the necessary details.

When Will We Learn More?

Sadly, to learn anything else, we’re going to all have to wait until FlightSimExpo. Just as the teaser video said, all will be revealed on Saturday, June 8th @ 13:25 EST in The Right Seat conference room. Will we see you there?

FSElite will be live streaming the entire thing on our official FlightSimExpo 2019 hub. [Link coming soon]

Any teasers?

We were sent this little tease for you to enjoy.

(This is just one of MANY features, I have been told…)

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