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What’s next for the TFDI Design 717?


TFDi Design has posted a blog post detailing some upcoming new features for the next update to the 717. It looks like the next update will not only improve some of the existing bugs, but add some much needed new features as well!

TFDi is hard at work on the MDCU features, adding in the MCDU REF system, which allows for place/bearing/distance pilot created waypoints. In addition they’re adding the MCDU Annunciators. In the release they added 2d pop out screens and are fixing some issues with those as well as optimizing them. VMIN, which is a topic I’ve talked about with this aircraft, is getting an update in the way it is calculated and should be much more accurate. The autothrust system should fly much closer to VMIN without freaking out.

They’re also reworking some of the materials on the aircraft exterior. Repaints will now be able to support 4096 textures in the future and will look much more crisp. It will be awesome when the work is finished and paint kit is released to see what cool creations the community does for this bird.

I’m very happy to see so many positive updates from the TFDi team. The 717 is really shaping up now! All of the details, including some video snippets and screenshots, can be found in the blog post.


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