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Although formally announced and shared during FlightSimExpo 2018, REX has started to lift the covers off of their grandest project yet: REX Environment Force.

REX Environment Force is a brand new type of engine for flight simulation, which will transform the way your sim looks and feels. Using new technology, the product will change the environment around you all in real-time. Described on their new website as “the first real-time, on the fly dynamic living environment & atmospheric utility”, the product aims to change your experience. Whether that be clouds, texturing, shaders and more, it’s all designed to change the atmosphere around you. In the real world, atmosphere, weather and location all change how things look outside, and Environment Force will aim to achieve that.

On a brand new product page on the REX website, some new details, images and information have been shared. Here is what we now know.


Shader Tweaking

There will be in-sim environment shader tweaking – all in real time. This will change on time of day, location and weather effects. You can use other shader tools without the need of reloading the sim as Environment Force will change them on the fly.

Dynamic Cloud Formation

Clouds will change appearance, colour and shape all in real time based on information taken from the simulator. Clouds will form and dissipate in real time as you fly the virtual skies. Clouds will be created and injected into the simulator in full 3D.

Dynamic Weather 

Weather will transition smoothly. Storms will develop and atmospheric conditions will vary depending on where in the world you are. Environment Force will work with all-weather engines including REX Sky Force 3D, Active Sky, OPUS, FSGRW and more.


The Different Modes of Operation

You will be able to choose between Automation Mode or Manual Mode. Automation mode will mean you don’t have to touch any of the settings and Environment Force will take care of everything to provide you with a realistic looking simulator as you fly. It will make all the visual changes, inject the weather and more all in real-time.

Manual Mode will mean you can take full control of everything and shape your sim to your liking. You can do it either via the Environment Force main UI, or the in-sim mini modal window. You can then see the changes on the fly as you make them.

Community-Based Features

All the settings and options can be uploaded to REX’s cloud servers for anyone to then enjoy and share.

User Interface

The user interface is not too dissimilar to other REX Generation 5 products. Plenty of options, customisation and easy to use features. You can see some of the screenshots from it below.

Cloud Life Component (CLC)

The new technology known as Cloud Life component will take real-time weather data to help build more accurate cloud formations. This will inject them into the simulator on the fly with more variety, depth and actual cloud cycles. Storms grow and die depending on the conditions.


The API and technology is completely independent of SimConnect. This gives REX full freedom and flexibility to continue development, all without being burdened by the old technology. Furthermore, it helps ensure smooth as possible performance.


In conclusion, there seems to be a wealth of exciting features coming to Environment Force that will transform the simulators from being a static environment to one that changes based on real-world values. There’s still plenty more to come in terms of first looks, information and details from the developers. As always, we’ll continue to monitor it.

Otherwise, we recommend that you head on over to the new product page and digest some of the information over there.

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