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Want to see Orbx Germany PhotoReal?

Orbx Ftx Netherlands Alpha P3dv4 3

On the last day of 2017, John Venema from Orbx asked the community a simple question: ‘how many of you would be interested in a photoreal version of the whole country of Germany?’ This comes after Orbx announced they have big plans in 2018 for PhotoReal scenery products.

Before you get too excited, there’s a few things to note on this:

  1. It will be around 120GB in download size
  2. It would contain all of the points of interest found in the current landclass version
  3. It will be available for FSX/P3D/Aerofly FS2/X-Plane
  4. It would launch on Aerofly FS2 first
  5. It will contain a summer season to begin with

With this information in mind, John is asking for the community to let Orbx know your thoughts.

If you don’t know what PhotoReal scenery projects are from Orbx, have a look at these shots of their upcoming Netherlands region one.

Thanks to Simon for letting us know about this.

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If the price for a single season is similar to the price you pay now then I think i’ll pass…

They literally just released the Germany regions if you’re gonna do a photo real at least do a different region like a Switzerland or France etc.

I still don’t understand how Orbx could talk about photoreal scenery for Germany before landclass for Asia and Africa. What’s Orbx’s determination not to do anything about Asia?

Really? We still do not have anything for Asia. C’mon ORBX create for Asia already!

Not sure my bank balance or PC hardware wants it. TBH unless you VFR everywhere the current scenery is perfect

Can you do Asia and Africa LCs before moving to photoreal?

After extensive research our marketing team, consisting of me, the one and only john venema has determined there isnt enough demand for asia or africa or both. as such, we will not be releasing these.

instead we will be doing a new australia even if i said the same thing above about it a year ago! but im JV! my word is the one true script! worship me.

k. i guess that might answer you… im sure they will come out. .eventually. but not soon.

Only summer season? No thanks.

Yep I was right (per other announcements). Their move to photoreal is a fast way to slap sceneries the ez way. only 1 season, etc etc. but pls BUY

rip orbx 2018. it was good while it lasted

I’m liking but what is the cost?

bwahahahahah, thank goly I bought my 1tb ssd! guess i’ll have to move 5games off it first but mwahahhaahah!!!

Yes… 120GB… At 230 kb/s… And only summer… Let’s talk about something else 😉

I think (and hope) that photoreal will be the future of flight simming. If you want more realism you will have to accept bigger file sizes too. But you’re right, download times will increase dramatically. But i’m happy ORBX are at least thinking about it. Someone just have to make the first step, so… why not?