VREF Simulations Releases Calvi St. Catherine Airport for MSFS

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Throwing challenging approach lovers a bone, VREF Simulations has recently released their detail-rich Calvi St. Catherine Airport scenery for MSFS via the simMarket online store. 

Calvi Sainte Catherine Airport (LFKC) is a small French international airport located 8km to the south-east of Calvi, a small town on the French island of Corsica. The airport serves as the main port of entry to the Northern portion of the island and, in 2019, saw 306’000 passengers pass through its doors.

Surrounded by steep mountainous terrain, experiencing frequent and severe wind shifts, and only boasting a 2’300m long runway, the airport can pose a significant challenge to even experienced aviators. It is primarily the circling approach to RWY36, which requires considerable skill from flight crew members. Flying into the bay within which the airport is located and hugging the mountainous terrain until the final moments, the approach requires one to conduct a 180-degree turn at close proximity to the ground before aligning the aircraft with the 2’300m long runways centerline. This certainly makes for an exhilarating experience for flight crew members and passengers alike. 

VREF Simulations has recently released their immersive rendition of this challenging and exciting French airport for MSFS users to experience. According to the product page, the scenery comes included many features, including high-quality PBR textures applied to all airport buildings, custom-made ground and runway texture work, and color-corrected ortho-imagery, to name but just a few. 

VREF Simulations Calvi St. Catherine Airport (LFKC) is now available on the simMarket online store and will set you back €11.00 E.x. VAT. 

Feature List

  • High quality rendition of the airport
  • PBR high resolution textures on all buildings
  • Night illumination
  • Custom made ground markings
  • Custom-made runway textures
  • Terraforming
  • Correct Papi angles
  • Color-corrected ortho-imagery
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