Volanta Version 1.1 and Volanta Premium Announced

Volanta Flight Tracker

Orbx’s flight tracking and community app, Volanta, has seen a small number of updates since its release, but version 1.1 represents its biggest leap in new features and changes. The first major feature update introduces a plethora of new features in addition to the existing core functionality. Announced on the Orbx forums, this is a preview of the upcoming functionality and will soon be released.

One of the first key changes with the update is the overhauled 3D paths within the application. As you can see in the video below, the 3D path of your routing is now easier to read and the multicoloured structure gives you a better representation of your altitude in that path. Furthermore, the map now has a functional weather radar (rain and snow) and a new Satellite Mode.

Volanta already has integration with SimBrief, but the new update introduces even further integration. A new tab has been added which will show you your OFP, along with tabs that scroll you directly to the relevant section of the plan.

Perhaps one of the biggest features included with version 1.1 of Volanta is the introduction of screenshots. During any flight when Volanta is running, you are able to take a screenshot in the simulator and upload it to Volanta. After uploading, an icon will appear on the map where you uploaded the image and if you choose to allow it, then anyone else using the app can see your screenshot. If you don’t fancy uploading your own, the software will automatically show a random selection on the map. Free users of Volanta can upload a maximum of three images at 1080p resolution.

Volanta Premium

Orbx has always been clear that a ‘Premium’ service is planned for Volanta. When version 1.1 is released, Volanta Premium will been introduced enhancing your experience even further. One of those new features is the introduction of Flight Parties. This new community-orientated feature will enable Premium users to create parties for friends to join. Anyone on your friend list can be invited and once in, you can copy flight details and see your part member’s OFP briefings. Another benefit of being in a party is the ability to draw in real-time on the map. You could use this functionality to point taxi routing, paths to fly or simply to draw art.

Volanta Premium members will also get access to a range of other tools to help you fly. One such example is the new cloud save and load system that stores your data in the cloud so you will always have access to it. You can set up an automatic save setting or use a new smart autosave that triggers upon specific conditions. One such example is an automatic save as you begin pushback, so if you get a CTD before departure, you can at least restore your flight with the pre-departure set-up complete.

Another piece of functionality for Premium members is the ability to remotely pause/unpause your flight. Even if you’re not on your PC, you will be able to use your mobile phone (via the mobile website) to stop your flight and then unpause it when you’re ready.

These features are just the beginning according to the developers, with many more coming to both the core and Premium version 0f Volanta.

Features comparison table for Volanta and Volatna Premium

Core features such as flight planning, tracking and logbook remain free (and always will), but Premium users will benefit from additional features such as unlimited 4K resolution screenshots and Discord badges, plus a limited time offer to save 25% on a large number of Orbx products.

Volanta Premium will be available either as a monthly recurring payment for $4.99 or yearly for $49.90 (which gives you two months free).

We’ll be sure to follow the developments of this further and will keep you updated once the new update has been released. In the meantime, check out the forums for more.

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