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Over on their website, Virtualcol gave a status update in regards to two of the projects they are currently working on. The announcement was made in Spanish, so do let us know if we translated something incorrectly.

First off, a status update on an upcoming update to the Ejets Series pack, containing the Embraer E170, E175, E190 and E195. A new development team has started working on this, and has steadily continued on developing these aircrafts according to the Virtualcol spirit of ‘friendly frames and low cost”. The pack, containing all four aircraft mentioned before, will also come with a licensed version of EasyFMC and full HD textures, amongst other (unannounced) features. The team has also set an estimated release date for this aircraft pack, which is August 30 of this year.


Another update was given about their Beechcraft 99 Series pack. This package will contain the Airliner, Commuter B and C version as well as a cargo version. It will also come with 40 liveries, so there will be plenty option to choose from. The Beechcraft 99 will feature original turboprop sounds, a virtual cabin, working 3D switches and knobs and windshield effects. Like with the Ejets, there will also be other yet unannounced features. The team has set a tentative release date for this package of June 15, in a few days.

Both packages will be available for FSX and Prepar3D.

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