Virtual Airline Schedules Summer 2020 Data Update

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Virtual Airline Schedules (known as VA Schedules) has released their Summer 2020 data. The data is taken from real-world sources to provide the community, virtual airlines and businesses accurate data for airline routes around the world. With the current COVID-19 pandemic having an on-going impact on the real-world aviation industry, the schedules provided for the summer are very different from what you would usually see.

According to the developer, summer schedules are radically different with airlines operating less consistent schedules and also a lot more cargo routes being flown. As a result, the choice of schedules you may wish to pick up will differ depending on your needs. Here is what VA Schedules recommends.

For those who want unimpacted schedules (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) should choose schedules from January or February 2020. These are winter schedules, so if you want summer schedules, you may need to pick a month from back in 2019. If you’re looking to have schedules that closely match what is happening today, May’s data is as close as the system will currently allow. However, the developer is enhancing the system to better capture cargo airlines and those that currently lack scheduled flight times.

As before, VA Schedules will continue to update each month whilst the system learns the operation especially as this pandemic continues or as the industry starts to return to a level of ‘normal’.

Schedules can be purchased from just £5. Over 600 airlines are covered and there are discounts available for those purchasing long-term subscription plans. You can find out everything on their website.

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