Verticalsim Studios Releases Tampa International Airport V2.0 for X-Plane 11

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Scenery developer Verticalsim Studios has released Tampa International Airport (KTPA) V2.0 for X-Plane 11.

Verticalsim has become know for its output of highly detailed, and high fidelity North American X-Plane scenery, such as Baltimore International (KBWI), Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (KMSY), and of course, Tampa International Airport (KTPA). Recently, Verticalsim has begun to transition to development for Microsoft Flight Simulator as well, by slowly porting its X-Plane scenery over to the new simulator.

The new project was first teased via a Facebook post, which included an image of an airport utility truck sporting Tampa International Airport branding, as well as a statement that simply reads, “Tease, tease…”

About 24 hours after the initial post, another post was made to Verticalsim’s Facebook page officially announcing the release of the product, which includes new images, as well as an extensive list of updates.

This is Verticalsim’s first X-Plane 11 project in some time due to the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the focus on development for the new platform. It is also Verticalsim’s first release since the ending of its VStates project was announced, which you can read about here. With most developers seemingly shifting their focus to development for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it remains to be seen how much attention X-Plane 11 will get in terms of new releases going forward.

What’s New in V2

  • New United MRO hangar (completed recently IRL)
  • Changed color of trees
  • Added more color to the main garages
  • Optimized night lighting for more FPS
  • Filled in more street lights
  • Re-Pbr’d all glass to actually act like glass (Airside A, C, E, F)(Tower)(Main terminal)(Some surrounding buildings)(Renaissance)
  • Changed night lighting textures of Marriot (Removed HOPE)
  • Edited Ramp starts of UPS/Amazon
  • Changed export target to 11.30+
  • Added static aircraft to maintenance hangars
  • Removed ramp starts from engine runup and maintenance hangars
  • Changed Airborne hangars warning lights to a solid red
  • Filled in Airborne South’s parking lot with lights and cars
  • Cleaned up runway markings so no double markings appear
  • Cleaned up grass bleed
  • Added some fuel trucks around airport
  • Fixed tree locations
  • Moved UPS trailers further away to give player more room
  • New baggage loaders and airport OPS trucks
  • Fixed missing texture on baggage tractor
  • Added more taxi sign HDR lights

Owners of version 1 will receive a free update to version 2, while new users will be able to purchase Tampa International Airport for X-Plane 11 directly from the Verticalsim website for $16.00 here.

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