VATSIM Cross the Pond Westbound 2021 Announced for April 24th


It has been confirmed that the bi-annual VATSIM Cross the Pond event will start with westbound routing on April 24th 2021. The westbound event will see pilots depart from a selection of airports within the UK and Europe and fly across the Atlantic to various North American destinations. The first slot will be from 11:00am zulu, with the event due to end 12-hours later at 23:00am zulu.

The release date was confirmed on Twitter. However, whilst the event date is now set, there’s no information yet on what airports will be available to vote for the event airports this year. We’re told to keep our eyes peeled, and we’ll let you know once we learn anything new.

For those who don’t know what Cross the Pond is, the bi-annual event sees thousands of pilots fly alongside a team of controllers to fly across the Atlantic in a realistic manner. Te goal is to replicate at best the specific Oceanic procedures with full ATC from departure to arrival. The lack of radar coverage for traffic deconfliction above the Atlantic Ocean means that the aircraft must obtain a specific clearance, follow a given route and report their position regularly.

You can prepare for the event now by checking out our Pilots Guide. The guide is based on last year’s Eastbound event, but many of the principles will apply. We’ll of course provide pilots with a new guide in time for the event. Which airports are you looking forward to flying this year? Will you be taking the recently released PMDG 777-200ER across the pond this year?

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