Vancouver Int’l released by FSimStudios and Canada4XPlane

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FSimStudios and Canada4XPlane have released their collaborative effort, Vancouver International Airport and Vancouver City for XPL.

Vancouver is located on Canada’s beautiful west coast, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. Densely populated and a stone’s throw from the United States, it’s the largest city west of Toronto. Vancouver generates substantial passenger and cargo traffic through its three terminals and is the closest major North American city to Asia, making it a valuable trans-pacific hub. In 2020 it was rated North America’s best airport for the tenth consecutive year.

One of the few regions throughout the world to feature prominent seaplane operations, bush-flying, and airliners. FSimStudios and Canada4Xplane have worked to provide a package to satisfy all demands in the area. Every building on Sea Island has been custom modeled with detailed 4k textures, including the new international terminal extension. The real-life award-winning interior is installed by default and floating docks for seaplane operations are present to the south of the island along the Fraser River.

The joint team have included; ambient occlusion, 4K vegetation and frame friendly volumetric grass, dynamic lighting, custom marshallers, 4K taxiway and ground details, and 50+ custom assets to compliment the scenery. Designed to be suitable year-round with optional winter, deep winter, autumn, spring and summer seasons available (supported by SAM Seasons).


You can find this product in the store, or directly from FSimStudios for USD24.00 (EUR20.00).

Feature List

  • Custom models for every building on Sea Island (As of Oct. 2020)
  • 50+ Custom assets
  • 30cm per pixel colour corrected orthophotos for the entire area of Sea Island
  • 4K vegetation, frame friendly volumetric grass
  • 4K asphalt, concrete, dirt and grunge
  • 4K taxi lines and ground details
  • Extremely detailed terminal/hangar models
  • Terminal interior (installed by default)
  • Brand new international terminal extension
  • 4K building textures
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Optional winter, deep winter, autumn, spring, and summer seasons (supported by SAM Seasons)
  • Custom airport-specific jetways (operated by the SAM plugin)
  • Custom marshallers
  • Optional static aircraft package
  • Frame rate friendly LOD (manipulated using the object density slider)
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