UWXP v2.6.2 Releasing Christmas Day

Developer Abdullah Almuntassir has announced that v2.6.2 of Ultra Weather XP is coming Christmas Day, December 25th.

Ultra Weather X-Plane, or UWXP for short, is a utility that enhances the visual fidelity of the environment and weather in X-Plane 11. It does this by introducing new sky and cloud textures to the sim, as well as advanced rendering options like simulated volumetric clouds, mist and fog, as well as sky scattering.

UWXP is also highly customizable, and allows the user to choose from dozens of different sky and cloud textures, as well as control settings like saturation, terrain draw distance, and amount of sun and moon glow, just to name a few. It is worth noting UWXP only enhances X-Plane 11 from a visual standpoint, but is compatible with programs like Active Sky XP, which replace the default weather engine.

The announcement came via a post to the forum, which provided a ton of information about the update, including the release date, a long list of changes, a bunch of new preview images, as well as an in depth video that showcases UWXP’s new features.

What’s New in v2.6.2

  • The Plugin Dynamic functions have been completely rewritten
  • New enhanced sky colors including illuminated fog by direct sunlight
  • New Dynamic Atmosphere System
  • New Dynamic Sky Coloring System
  • New Dynamic Night Sky that reflects cities lights to illuminate the sky during night time
  • New Dynamic Sun Glow System
  • New Dynamic Sun Lighting system
  • New Dynamic Visibility System
  • Clouds Textures coloring enhanced
  • New Dynamic Clouds Coloring System
  • New Dynamic Night clouds¬†reflect cites lights illuminate to the clouds during night time
  • Improved Simulate Volumetric Clouds
  • New HD Shadows that will fix the jagged shadows.
  • New Dynamic Water System
  • New Dynamic Light Haze system
  • New Dynamic Ambient Sounds

If you are already sold on UWXP, you can check out v2.6.1 on here. As long as you have purchased v2.6, you will have free access to the new update once it launches. If you currently own v2.5 or older of UWXP, you will need to upgrade for $9.95 here, before you can download v2.6+.

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