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In a recent post on their forums, the developers of Ultimate Traffic Live gave an update on the state of the software and also gave readers a preview of upcoming features and changes in UTLive 2.0.

In addition to integrating PowerPack into future versions, UTLive 2.0 will come with a variety of new features and be a free upgrade for current users of UTLive 1.0.

Upcoming changes include:

  • Redesigned statistics and much easier airline lookup, including airports, or aircraft types.
  • The Route Map will now be on demand from the Statistics screen.
  • Settings screens are more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Integration of Powerpack directly into the UI.
  • Modify the dataset for airports, aircraft, and airline information.
  • Share modifications with the UTLive community.
  • Import new or created flight schedules and share them.
  • Share repaints/aircraft that you have permission to use with the community.
  • Moved the simulated aircraft map and status board to the live FS environment. (Running the simulation connected to the live simulator makes much more sense).
  • Easier assignment of aircraft repaints.

In addition to some much-needed user interface changes, the software will also feature some in-sim changes. These changes include updated flight plans for all scheduled traffic. Planes will take more realistic routes when arriving and departing, meaning the traffic flow will feel more natural. Planes will also experience more realistic delays for traffic and maintenance, and the status board will receive a visual update.

Development of UTLive 2.0 is making steady progress, and developers expect to enter beta in the next month or two.

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