Unconfirmed: Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be Available As a Stand-Alone Title


Since the announcement of Microsoft Flight Simulator back in June 2019, many have wondered how the flight simulator would be made available to the world. With reliance on AI technology and server-side capability, many have considered that the new simulator will be a subscription-based model.

According to a recent interview with Argentinian newspaper La Nacion, it seems that there the new simulator won’t be subscription-based only. The author in the newspaper sat down with Head of Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann in an interview discussing the simulator and what users can expect.

The interviewer asked how the publisher will bring Flight Simulator to market, specifically if it would feature a monthly fee. Jorg’s response, not too dissimilar to what we’ve heard before, starting with “we still don’t have all the details […]”. What is interesting, he then added: “what I can tell you now is that there will definitely be a way to buy the simulator like any other simulator before.” As previously released simulators from Microsoft released as stand-alone platforms, this implies that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be made available as a stand-alone product.

Although already confirmed during our interview at X019, Jorg also reiterated the fact that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be part of the Game Pass subscription model, which also gives users access to 100s of games for both Xbox and Windows PC. In essence, there will be two ways to get the new flight simulator.

Interestingly, in a follow-up question, Jorg was asked whether users will have to use Game Pass to get access to all the maps and features. No Google translate is needed for this as the response was a clear cut “no.”

Whilst we have extracted this information using Google Translate, Spanish speaking YouTuber X-Check also confirmed the translation to be mostly accurate.

Whilst this interview appears to have the information sought by the community, this still doesn’t confirm directly from Microsoft in an official capacity. However, it’s reassuring news for those hoping the simulator will be made available as a standalone.

Source: La Nacion Newspaper

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