Ultra Weather XP v2.3 Released

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The quiet achiever of X-Plane weather add-ons, Ultra Weather XP, has been updated to version 2.3. This free update for existing v2.x license holders brings a number of new features, fixes and improvements to the already well-equipped software.

In a post to the forum, developer Abdullah Almuntassir introduces the new version as being compatible with X-Plane 11.11+, and any users still on X-Plane 10 will need to remain with version 2.2. Following this, he goes on to list the changes in the latest version.

The interface has seen the addition of new options regarding visibility mist and texture sets – the visibility mist now has the option of Low, Medium and High settings, while the textures (sky, clouds, water) have the ability to be randomised at each launch.
Behind the scenes, there have been some enhancements to what you see based on the current weather data being fed to the sim. The atmosphere now has automatic control added, meaning the horizon size will now change with the visibility mist based on the weather data. In addition to this, overcast conditions will now mean that the terrain looks cloudy from above the clouds.
There have also been some adjustments to the sun’s intensity during morning and afternoon, reducing the brightness of it during these hours, and the ambient sounds will now pause with the sim.
As mentioned, there are a number of fixes to some of the plugin’s behaviour too – one of these being the cloud cutoff which was very noticeable in v2.2. This has now been fixed, as has the erratic shadow in the cockpit.

Graphically, improvements have been made to the ocean waves, cloud sizes and appearance of Stratus cloud types, the gain effect on clouds has been reduced for a more realistic appearance, all of the cloud sets have either been improved or replaced entirely and said clouds have had colour and darkness fixes too. Furthermore, the sun size has been reduced in all of the sky colour sets.

For the full details, as well as a large selection of screenshots showcasing the new-look v2.3, head over to the forum post. Existing owners of v2.x are able to upgrade for free through their point of purchase, and anyone new users who wish to experience this capable weather engine should head to the store where it can be purchased for $35.

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Ben Childs

The author Ben Childs

As a simmer for more than 20 years, Ben can be quite opinionated about our hobby. He started out on FS95 and found himself switching to X-Plane in 2017. He works full-time in the automotive industry as a parts interpreter, and when he's not in the virtual left seat, he can be found in the garage tinkering with cars and motorcycles.

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Andrej Wilsznev

@Ben Childs

Of course it’s just textures, with some extra tweaks for water color and sky color, all pre-defined and without using a real weather engine like FS Global Real Weather, the clouds would never change shape or form, as it simply replaces a PNG file that a real weather engine like FS Global Real Weather then uses to inject and draw weather. You seem to be very confused about what exactly a weather engine is defined by. Any program that does not fetch actual weather data, is not a real weather engine.

Andrej Wilsznev

@Ben Childs

A weather engine isn’t just about textures and visibility, it’s also about wind at various flight levels. Your suggestion would mean that if I’m using FS Global Real Weather in XP11 + UWXP, then I’d be using 2 weather engines at the same time, which is absurd.

Ben Childs

I think you need to have a look at what defines something as an engine. This is not just textures like FSEnhancer for example.

Andrej Wilsznev

With reference to “users who wish to experience this capable weather engine”, this is very misleading.

UWXP does nothing more than provide texture enhancements with an in-sim user interface, there is nothing in UWXP that fetches weather data from any sources.

Ben Childs

Hi Andrej,

Ultra Weather XP uses X-Plane’s default weather data (or either NOAA plugin or FSGRW) to draw a depiction of the data it receives, hence the terrain mist and horizon visibility for example. While it doesn’t use its own data to override the X-Plane data like xEnviro, the functions of the software do qualify as a weather engine.

It ain’t a weather engine