UK2000 Release Norwich

Just a few days ago we showed off some screenshots of UK2000’s Norwich Extreme scenery that at the time was approaching release. That day has now come and the scenery has been released. It can be purchased from UK2000’s website for the standard price of £16.99.

Norwich airport is a minor internation airport within the City of Norwich in the county of Norfolk. The airport severs a variety of traffic ranging from passenger jet liners down to small GA aircraft. A great option for those who enjoy multiple forms of flying within the sim. Just to give you a taste of the airport, a few of the routes operated to from Norwich include Amsterdam, Tenerife-South, Aberdeen and Manchester.

From what I can see, the scenery looks once again to reach UK2000’s common high standard. Norwich is just one of the airports amongst the list that UK2000 aims to bring out this year with others including Gatwick V2, Bournemouth, Isle of Man and Newquay. To see the whole list check out our article on UK2000’s roadmap for 2017.

Don’t forget, a free version of the scenery is also available with less features and detail.