UK2000 Release Manchester V2

Just the day after the release of I.D.S’ Manchester, UK2000 have released theirs. It is always good to see some competition and this comes as very strong competition. UK2000 are renowned for their good quality British airport sceneries and this one seems to be no exception. Having heard reports of problems regarding the I.D.S scenery maybe this version of Manchester will be slightly better. The product comes in at the regular UK2000 price of £16.99 which is well priced considering the size of the airport. The full feature list will of course be linked below but some of the most notable features include high resolution imagery and accurate buildings. You can purchase the scenery here if you wish to take this product over I.D.S’. We look forward to seeing UK2000’s new upcoming releases in 2017.


Full detail Buildings
Realistic Ground Markings
Hi Res ground image
UK Runway markings
Stunning Night Effects
3D Approach Lights
Dozens of Airport Vehicles
Excellent Frame Rates
Unique Service Fleet
Animated Traffic
Runway Wigwags
Full set of signs
Static Aircraft
Manual and Options
Docking systems
Special ‘Effects’
Improved runway lights

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  • Matthew Piper

    14th January 2017

    Can we have some pictures Mungo?


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