UK2000 Norwich Announced for X Plane 10/11

UK2000 has announced their next X-Plane scenery and this time it’s Norwich. It includes all the assets you can find in a P3D/FSX scenery, such as custom ground textures, grass textures and taxiway edge lighting. Release is predicted to be on August 5th for X-Plane 10 and 11 users. It will have a new ‘experimental’ static aircraft option which you can add add or hide planes using the executable inside the scenery folder or at the end of the installer. Because it is a ‘experimental’ thing you can expect bugs which are known such as lighting issues which are currently unsolvable.

Here are some screenshots and more will come at a later date once more info is available to us. For more check out UK2000’s Facebook page as well as FSElite for latest news.

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