UK2000 Gatwick update 4.01

Gatwickv4 Uk2000 P3dv4 3

UK2000 have informed us that they have released an updated for Gatwick (EGKK). This airport was released just last week. The update includes several fixes for several platforms, so make sure to check it out.


  • Added GSX files for P3D install
  • Fixed 6 DXT3 textures with no alpha channel (mainly for fs2004)
  • Fixed FS2004 runway light problem at night
  • Modified FSX/P3D AFCAD files (better radius and airlines, (thanks to Bradley for this)
  • Changed FS2004 ATIS to 126.00 (FS2004 cant use real EGKK ATIS freq)
  • FS2004 Taxiline now ‘on top’ of Runway markings
  • FS2004 Night shadow problem on Pier 5 fixed, and square shape around lightpoles removed
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