Turbulent Designs Announce Friedman Memorial Airport


On their Facebook page, Turbulent Designs has confirmed that their newest airport in the works is Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey, Idaho. There hasn’t been an official feature set for this scenery yet, but by telling on the current buildings renders, this will be another absolutely amazing product by Turbulent. Friedman Airport, KSUN (sweet ICAO), is a single-runway regional airport that sees a fair amount of corporate traffic, and an occasional Horizon Air Q400 flight.  The airport is also in the Idaho mountains only 100 nautical miles away from Idaho Falls, another Turbulent airport.

It’s great to see a high-end dev taking on the smaller, less seen, airports across North America – can’t wait to see how it turns out!


Quick addition: This is also the airport featured in another Turbulent Design post where they previewed their ground poly’s in partnership with ORBX, But the airport was not confirmed at the time of that post, we now know that that airport is indeed KSUN, Friedman Memorial.

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