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TropicalSim has released an updated version of their Porto scenery, coming after quite a long time since the previous version of the product. This product comes as a very welcome release as Porto has been lacking good quality scenery for quite some time. This product follows along the lines of TropicalSim’s P3D v4 updates, inheriting the year in which it is most up to date.

For a price of EUR 19.10 this product can be yours from SimMarket, although if you owned the previous version of this product a special upgrade price of EUR 9.00 is available. A decent price for what looks to be a quality scenery.

Being an updated version for P3D v4 this product comes with full compatibility including features such as dynamic lighting. Alongisde other new features not exclusive to P3D v4 such as SODE jetways.

TropicalSim have developed a lot of sceneries in their time and are quickly making their way through updating the majority of them for P3D v4. As and when more release we’ll be sure to notify you of this.

Feature List: 

  • Highly detailed Porto Airport / LPPR
  • Full night illumination
  • New jetway model to represent the boarding bridge model change at real airport
  • Dynamic Lighting on Prepar3d v4 version
  • Optional SODE animated jetways
  • Optional 3D Lights
  • Optional 3D Grass within airport islands and taxiways/runways.
  • P3D v2/v3/v4 native materials custom ground option
  • Wet ground surface effect for P3Dv2/v3/v4 (via native custom ground)
  • Compatible with add-on AI traffic.
  • Compatible with other third-party sceneries
  • FSX version compatible with default and add-on FSX scenery
  • P3D version compatible with default and add-on P3D scenery
  • Usage of FSX SDK for the FSX version for best performance
  • Usage of Prepar3d SDK for the P3D version for best performance
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