TorqueSim SR22 Series Releasing Next Week

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In an email sent out to those on their mailing list, TorqueSim has confirmed that their Cirrus SR22 Series will release next week. The anticipated aircraft has been developed to bring the highest possible quality rendition of the aircraft to life in X-Plane. With thousands of hours of work poured into creating the aircraft, the team are hoping this fills the gap for those looking for a high-fidelity Cirrus SR22.

According to the press release, the SR22 Series will be part of X-Aviation’s “Take Command!” brand, which will represent the very best of flight simulation aircraft. As a result, TorqueSim are saying this will be one the most “sophisticated, study sim level aircraft available for X-Plane.”

The sophistication of the product will be delivered through a few areas including the 3D modelling and sound work, the level of detail in the electrical system and also the engine modelling. For the 3D modelling, the team at TorqueSim has said that both the SR22 and the SR22TN have been crafted to the higher levels possible and have included 4K PBR textures and accurately modelled the materials used for the aircraft. As for the sound environment, you can get a flavour for the detail in the video above, but it has been based off of hundreds of hours of audio direct from the real aircraft itself.

Alongside the detailed modelling and sound work, the team have made it their priority to include numerous features and system depth to keep simmers entertained. The engine model is detailed to an impressive level with each section operating independently. Systems such as the compressors, intercoolers and turbines have their own calculation of air flows and pressure, with the engine parameters tuned against a huge database of real-world data. As well as the engine, the team have included a detailed electrical system with each circuit breaker also modelled.

To ensure that simmers look after their new virtual aircraft, a maintenance and failure model will also be present. Engaging simmers to spend time looking after the aircraft, the aircraft will have wear and tear failure modeled meaning you need to take care of her even over time. Also, to keep simmers immersed, the aircraft will feature persistence settings, meaning you will load the aircraft in the exact same state as when you left it beforehand.

The release of the aircraft is next week, but no pricing has yet to be confirmed by TorqueSim. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on progress via their product page. 

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