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Aircraft developer, TorqueSim, has released their latest project, the Cirrus SR20 for X-Plane. 

The Cirrus SR20 is a single-engine, light aircraft is the smallest aircraft in the Cirrus fleet but can carry up to five passengers over 600 miles at a speed of 155 knots. The SR20 has been manufactured by Cirrus Aircraft since 1999 and was developed into the more popular SR22 model. The SR models from Cirrus have been made popular due to their unique ballistic parachute system which pilots can deploy should the aircraft get into an unrecoverable spin or situations where conventional emergency landings are not possible. 

TorqueSim has replicated the SR20 to meticulous detail and provides an in-depth visual model which makes use of 4K PBR texturing to accurately depict the real-world materials both inside the aircraft and out. The SR20 comes with true to life FMOD sounds which cover engine sounds, airflow, fuel pumps and pressures as well as every knob and switch in the cockpit.

Inside, TorqueSim has enhanced the default G1000 avionics suite to include synthetic vision, engine displays, checklists and a fuel calculation system.

The SR20 comes with a high-fidelity flight model to best capture the way the real-world aircraft reacts and moves in the air and includes accurate stall characteristics and control surface deflections to give realistic airflow disruptions and turn rates.

Users have the ability to customise the look of the SR20 directly from the sim, enabling them to change tail numbers and placements and colours.

TorqueSim has produced the SR20 to be in a persistent state, every time you load the aircraft. This means that the SR20 will be in the exact setup and state as the last time you use it. All the engine components will take the same time as the real world to cool, each switch and dial will be in the same position as well as any damage sustained on previous flights.

To add the Cirrus SR20 to your hangar, head on over to X-Aviation, where you can purchase it for $49.95/£37.84/€42.20.

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