TorqueSim Entegra SR22 and SR20 Preview Video

Aircraft developer TorqueSim, in partnership with X-Aviation and RealSimGear, has announced they will be bringing an Avidyne Entegra equipped version of the Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22 to X-Plane 11. The all-new custom avionics suite replicates the systems for the aircraft adding functionality such as AHRS alignment, GPS navigation and checklists for normal and emergency flight.

The current TorqueSim SR20 product already available for X-Plane 11 is part of X-Aviation’s Take Command series which represents products that are “the very best of flight simulation immersion” and assures customers that those who buy the plane will get an authentic experience. The aircraft features in-depth systems, an impressive sound engine and detailed modelling of the cockpit and external model.

In addition to the announcement, TorqueSim has released a new trailer for the Entegra SR22 and SR20 highlighting the new features and capabilities of the new avionics in the aircraft.

Whilst the virtual aircraft is getting the new treatment, RealSimGear will also be bringing a suite of new tools and hardware to align with the updated avionics suite. You can read more about the new PFD/MFD displays on the RealSimGear website.

More details on the ToruqeSim SR22 Entegra can be found here and we’ll be sure to let you know once the product is released.

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