Torquesim Announces Cessna Citation C525 for X-Plane

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Torquesim has announced that their next project will be the Cessna Citation C525 for X-Plane 11.

The six-seat business jet first flew in 1991 in Witchita, Kansas. Cessna went on to sell over 2,000 of the type. The C525 has four variants, the latest of which is the model 525C. The model C carries up to ten passengers at a top speed of 450kts and has a range of 2,165 miles.

Over on their Facebook group, Torquesim posted internal and external rendering previews of the executive jet. The previews show high fidelity rendering of the external aircraft including screenshots of landing gear and overall model. The previews also show the internal cockpit environment as well as the passenger cabin.

Although there has been no mention as to which particular variant will be released, Torquesim has modelled the Citation with Tamarack winglets that are an aftermarket addition allowing for up to 25% extra range and around 13% fuel saving.

There has currently been no mention of a timeframe for the development but these are early development screenshots.

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