ToLiss Announces Airbus A340-600

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Airbus developer ToLiss has announced via the X-Plane Facebook page that their next release will be the Airbus A340-600 for X-Plane.

The Airbus A340 family is a long-range, wide-body aircraft manufactured by Airbus Industries. It first took flight in 1991 with the -200 series entering service in February 1993 with Lufthansa. The A340-600 is the newest variant of the type, produced between 1997 and 2002, of which 97 were made. The aircraft was built to replace the ageing 747, as well as to compete with the more economical Boeing 777. Compared to its predecessor, it had the ability to carry more passengers with its extended fuselage, making it the longest airliner in the world until the flight of the 747-8i, fly further with an increase Maximum Take-Off Weight thanks to the introduction of the Trent 556 Turbofan engines producing 56,000lbs of thrust. 

In the post on Facebook, ToLiss creator, Giuliana Gennaro posted a superimposed ToLiss livery on a real-world A340-600 along with the slogan ‘Our Longest Ambition Yet’. There was not a lot of extra information in the post other than the expected arrival date of 2021 which means no less than four months waiting for the release.

Responding to a comment on the post, Guiliana had mentioned that the discussion as to whether ToLiss would think about producing aircraft for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator has happened and that they are ‘investigating the possibility’.

You can check out the FSElite reviews on the previously released ToLiss A319 and A321 for X-Plane, or check out their community Facebook page for more information.


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