ToLiss A321 Will Release on February 28th

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Update: A developer at ToLiss wrote to us to add the following statement to clarify what exactly an A321LR (CEO) is.

‘It seems I need to make something clear.

What is the Ceo A321LR? The original A321LR is a model of the A321 that has since fallen into obscurity that more of less nobody remembers. It is a regular Airbus A321Ceo with the addition of one or two additional centre tanks (ACTs). There is no increase in MTOW but the plane does see a range increase thanks to the 5000kg of extra fuel on board. That adds around two hours of flight time to the plane. Not many A321 Ceo LRs were sold but two notable customers of the model would be All Nippon Airways and Lufthansa who both had aircraft in this specification delivered in the late 90s-early 2000s. The default pack of the ToLiss A321 will include this ‘A321LR’ and not the newer Neo LR that some people have been confused by.

How I love it when companies reuse old names…’

== Original Article ==

After the initial announcement, many people have been keen to get their hands on the A321 from ToLiss on X-Plane 11. We can now confirm that the Airbus aircraft will release on February 28th 2020.

The news was confirmed by one of the development team in our Discord channel. At the same time, we reached out to acquire additional information on the product.

Included in the package come release will be both the CFM 56 and IAE V2500 with Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) soundpacks. Both engine variants will also include wingtip fences and sharklets as well as optional ACTs to enable users to fly the aircraft under A321LR spec (CEO not NEO). The MCDU is based on the ToLiss 1.4 update which saw a huge overhaul. Finally, the developer confirmed that the aircraft is accurate to the real aircraft’s flight performance.


In two weeks time, you will be able to fly the extended narrow-body Airbus jet. We’ll keep you updated should any additional information come to light.

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