ToLiSs A319 v1.0.1 Update Released

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In a follow-up to their recently released A319, ToLiss has updated the product to v1.0.1. This update addresses issues with joystick axes as well as other features affecting the usability of the product. Changes include modified runway acceptance criteria, added filters on flap/slat lever to prevent spikes from joystick axes, correct joystick axes decoding bug, fixed missing SIDs transition bug and more. The update can be downloaded and installed via the updater in the aircraft folder. The next update to the A319 will take a bit longer than v1.0.1 did and will be focused on FMGS improvements and texture/sound improvements if time permits.

To find out what we thought of the A319, click here for a comprehensive review from one of our new team members!

– Modified runway acceptance criteria from 1500m length to 1200m length to accomodate SBRJ
– Added a command to open ISCS window: toliss_airbus/iscs_open
– Popups can now be scaled to sizes greater than 500×500 pixels, if the horizontal screen resolution is > 1920px.
Bug fixes:
– Added filters on flap/slat lever and speed brake lever to prevent spikes from joystick axes to affect the configuration
– Correct joystick axis decoding bug
– Wrongly displayed speed trend on scaled popup PFD fixed.
– Fixed the “missing SID transitions” bug. Issue occurred whenever there were more TRANS than SIDs.
– Sound volumes reset properly when changing airplanes or quitting xplane.
– Some FMGS bug fixes, e.g. lack of procedures after flight plan load.

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