TOGA Projects Updates Envshade to Feature Improved Global Lighting

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Owners of the TOGA Projects Envshade will be able to download a new update of the utility software and take advantage of improved global lighting for within Prepar3D v4 and v5.

The new update includes fixes and changes that will prevent objects to bleed through clouds and fog when Enhanced Atmospherics is enabled. In addition, those who are using EA will also get more realistic night lighting and improved terrain brightness in the simulator. TOGA Projects also say that you will now experience thicker fog and the sun will not reflect on your aircraft when cloud and fog coverage is too thick for it to really have an effect on your aircraft.

Those still using Prepar3D v4 will also be able to take advantage of the update as metallic parts of the aircraft will no longer have this gold effect anymore during dawn/dusk and that the PBR will react more realistically to weather conditions.

Current owners of TOGA Projects Envshade can download the update through Envupdater for free. Alternatively, you can download and patch the update manually via simMarket.

If you don’t own Envshade already, you can buy it from simMarket for €5.60.


  • Dynamic shadows tweak depending on weather conditions added
  • Dynamic reflections tweak depending on weather conditions added
  • P3Dv5.1+ Object bleeding through clouds fix added
  • P3Dv5.1+ Enhanced terrain brightness at night with Enhanced atmospherics enabled
  • P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces showing more realistic colors at dawn and dusk
  • P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces metallic parts displaying black at night fixed
  • P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces now dynamically react to weather conditions
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