TOGA Projects Reveals Envshade Enhanced Nights

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TOGA Projects released a screenshot showing off their new Envshade enhanced nights. The new night effects will be available for customers that bought Envshade, which is available here.


TOGA Projects listened to the community and improved their night effects and shaders. It seems like this worked well for the team at TOGA projects. The feedback from the community on social media is very positive about the new update. The moon lighting and the dark nights were improved and “completely reworked”. Furthermore, the team reworked a lot of other things in the package, but we will have to wait for more information to follow.

Tjeerd Brand

The author Tjeerd Brand

Tjeerd has been a flight simmer since he was old enough to try FS95. From that moment on he has always been involved in the aviation world; from flightsimming to an internship at KLM Engineering and Maintenance. Currently lives in Holland and enjoys a bit of chemistry.


  1. Nothing new here as you can mess with the values in either PTA or the text lines in the shaders itself. TOGA makes their product sound as if its ground breaking technology but in reality it’s nothing new.

  2. Couldn’t get Miami done right even after the 4th edition of the scenery. 12$ to upgrade? Same overused grimy textures and a simple port through the P3D V4 SDK.. no thanks.

    1. It looks like your commenting skills could use some refinement given they aren’t even in relevant threads. Particularly if you intend to be critical.


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