TOGA Projects Release ENVTEX SP2

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After many months of development, TOGA Projects has today released their anticipated 2nd service pack to their ENVTEX product. For those that don’t know, ENVTEX is a environmental texture replacement set for FSX and Prepar3D.

ENVTEX Service Pack 2 brings a whole bunch of new features including almost every texture re-made from scratch, increased the overall quality and increased the maximum resolution for the Prepar3D V4 set. Further to the revised textures, some new sets has been added including brand new airport textures, plus a range of new cloud and sky texture sets.

The new update also includes features which enable new lighting effects, taking advantage of dynamic lighting in Prepar3D, integration with Active Sky Cloud Art clouds and also REX SkyForce 3D.

Further to the new textures is also a brand new Envdir interface.

Service Pack 2 of ENVTEX is a 9GB download from SimMarket and is available free of charge. If you don’t own ENVTEX already, you can buy it for 21.00 Euros. We reviewed it when it first came out (it’s improved considerably since), but we still thought it was a fantastic product.

In addition to this news, TOGA Projects confirmed that the FS2004 version of ENVTEX, although not supported for over a year, will soon be released as freeware. The team also confirmed that ENVSHADE will be updated over the next few weeks, and that they have new projects in store for next year.

Envdir Update Change log:

  • User interface design refined
  • Support Envtex 1.2.0
  • New customization options for Envtex

Envtex 1.2.0 Update Change log:

  • Prepar3D v4.4 compatibility added
  • ASCA integration for clouds added
  • REX Skyforce 3D integration for clouds added
  • New airport textures & customization options
  • New cumulus textures & customization options
  • New cirrus textures & customization options
  • New sky textures & customization options
  • New sun effects & customization options
  • Sun effects files encoding fixed for P3D v4
  • New moon textures and effects & customization options
  • New milky way textures & customization options
  • New contrails effects & customization options
  • New lightning effects (with dynamic lighting for P3Dv4)
  • Updated effects
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