Thranda Design Releases Quest Kodiak v2.0 with G1000 for X-Plane

Quest Kodiak LR G1000 2019 11 19 17.33.03

Aircraft developer Thranda Design has released their Quest Kodiak 2.0 equipped with G1000 suite for X-Plane 11.

The Quest Kodiak is a high wing, single-engine turboprop aircraft capable of landing in short, uneven runways which makes this aircraft perfect for bush flying. The aircraft is able to carry 10 passengers and cargo over distances greater than 1000nm at a service ceiling of 25,000ft at speeds of 170 knots.

Thranda Design has upgraded its original release to version 2.0. Although technically an upgrade, this version looks like it has rebuilt a lot of the systems modelling and flight dynamics. This update also includes all the features from the previous payware expansion including aircraft variations such as floats, skis, cargo and executive interiors. Version 2.0 includes the ability to switch between the G1000 in-bezel autopilot and the S-Tec 55 original package. 

Dan Klaue, the name behind Thranda Design also posted in the x-plane forum that SimCoders will be releasing a version of their Reality Expansion Pack for the aircraft in the near future.

If you already own the previous version, you can get the update for free through your account on the X-Plane store. If you wish to purchase the Quest Kodiak, you can do so for $33.95 from the X-Plane store.


  • Completely overhauled SASL to become SASL3
  • Added expansion pack to base pack
  • Added de-ice and exterior surface ice visualization
  • Added optional TKS de-ice equipment and switches, can be toggled via the 2D pop-up
  • New oxygen system and simulation
  • Completely overhauled sound to take more advantage of improvements in FMOD
  • Completely overhauled flight dynamics and water dynamics
  • Added custom indicated airspeed error, compared to calibrated airspeed
  • Added mud flap option
  • Added ability to select between G1000 in-bezel autopilot and S-TEC 55 autopilot.
  • Added synthetic vision
  • Made improvements to VR configuration
  • Improved custom annunciator system; the background scales with the number of items
  • Improvements to custom annunciator triggers and logic
  • Environmental system electrical draw is dependent on heaters and fan speed now
  • Rewrite of weight and balance module
  • Weight and balance weights can be saved and automatically loaded for the next flight
  • “Simplified” engine mode now has correct engine reverser behavior
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