Thranda Design Releases DHC-2 Beaver for XPL

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Thranda Design has released the next aircraft in their ‘Dynamic Generation Series‘ of developments for X-Plane with the DeHavilland Canada 2 Beaver. 
The Dehavilland Canada 2, commonly known as the DHC-2 Beaver, is a single-engine Short Take Off and Landing first manufactured back in 1947. The aircraft was able to reach the highest, Over 1850 aircraft rolled off the 20 year production line making it one of the most successful aircraft ever made. The DHC-2 Beaver saw service with air forces around the world such as the United Kingdom, United States, The Netherlands and New Zealand. Military and civil operators such as Kenmore Air chose the DHC-2 for its flexibility to be fitted with skis, wheels or floats and has the ability to operate out of tough locations using its overpowered radial engine.

Thranda Design has recreated the successful Canadian Beaver to their regular high-level of detail to include custom 3D modelling inside and out which includes PBR detailing as well as accurate flight dynamics to replicate STOL characteristics and FMOD sounds.
As part of the Dynamic Generation Series, the DHC-2 comes with the ability for on the fly editing just like the Thranda PC-6 and Kodiak. Users have the ability to create their own cockpit instrument layouts with a choice of over 50 instruments from within the sim, with the exception of the GNS430/GNS530 modules which require an aircraft restart. The on the fly editing isn’t limited to just inside the aircraft, the user can create their own PBR virtual livery and change the external appearance of the aircraft which includes changing the tail number, paint colour and placement as well as the accumulation of dirt and grime on the airframe which also affects the way the aircraft flies.
To add the Thranda Designs DeHavilland Canada DH-2 Beaver to your virtual hangar, you can purchase it from the X-Plane Store for an introductory price of $34.95/26.31/€29.48 instead of $39.95/£30.07/€33.69.
Feature List
  • Authentic aircraft model down ‘to the rivet’
  • Custom flight dynamics – characteristic ‘flap happy’ flight model
  • STOL flight modelling
  • Added details such as wobble pump and ratcheting carb heat lever
  • Manual pump flap system
  • Functioning primer system
  • Realistic fuel system
  • Tie downs and chocks to stop aircraft moving in high winds
  • Advances sound system to include dynamic start sounds
  • All buttons and switches have own sound
  • 3D audio effects
  • On the fly editing for internal and external appearance
  • Over 50 instruments to choose from
  • Save and share configuration presets
  • Dynamic livery editor to include full PBR control for metallic, matte and sand-blasted appearance
  • Change tail number and show hide manufacturer logo on tail
  • Easy updates using SkunkCrafts updater
  • inclusion of skis, tundra tyres, mud flaps, bubble windows and classic and new throttle quadrant designs.
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