TFDi Designs Release their 717


For a developer new to the aeroplane scene, who set a release date target of 2016, they’ve not only kept to their word, but also delivered on creating an immersive 717 experience for Flight Simmers.

TFDi Designs have spent several years developing this classic bird to really give Simmers a new lease of life. With all the automation of today’s aircraft, it’s great to see someone bring something a bit different and a bit more challenging to your A-B flying.

We have been excited for the TFDi Design 717 for ages now, and we’re pleased to announce its finally out for the cost of $59.99, which will cover FSX, FSX:SE and Prepar3d versions 2 AND 3. It’s great to see an aircraft developer have 1 cost for 1 aircraft across multiple platforms – a win for the community.

The aircraft is detailed in every aspect. With high resolution textures for both the exterior and interior, no detailed has been spared. Inside the real-world cockpit comes a full display system, along with terrain radar and more impressively, a fully working weather radar. It’s been tested to ensure that real world 717 aerodynamics are at play here, along with correct flaps, control services and much more.

I believe the biggest selling point of the TFDi 717 is the amazing “aircraft sharing” technology, which according to TFDi, will allow 7 (SEVEN!) users to fly the aircraft online at the same time. Not only that but the transition from pilot flying to pilot monitoring is seamless and even if your Sim crashed, the fun wont as you will be able to bring both of you back to the cockpit at the same point within minutes.

There’s so much to the product just from the spec list below, so make sure you check it out.

You can buy it now from TFDi Design’s website for $59.99.

You can win a copy thanks to our Christmas Giveaway!

Authentic Exterior and Interior

  • Detailed exterior and virtual cockpit designed to match real world specifications
  • Hundreds of animated/moving parts
  • High resolution textures (2048×2048)

Detailed Display Units

In-Depth Systems Simulation

    • Accurate according to published operations manuals
    • Flight management system including PERF, THRUST LIMITS, and F-PLN with SIDs and STARs
    • Autoflight system including FMS SPD, PROF, and NAV functionality
    • Independent captain and first officer systems, including altimeters and ADIRUs
    • GPWS, CAWS, and TCAS simulation

Realistic Flight Characteristics

  • Flight dynamics tuned according to published performance charts and established aeronautical performance information
  • Authentic flight controls, simulating hydraulically-assisted and aerodynamically positioned control surfaces
  • Proper flap system, simulating variable takeoff flap selection

Accurate Sounds

  • High quality, realistic engine sound pack by Turbine Sound Studios
  • Over 750 mastered ambient, warning, and switch sounds recorded from the real cockpit


  • Meticulously designed parallel systems execution to provide exceptional performance
  • Dynamic, variable night lighting technology, allowing for a wide variety of light options on-demand (courtesy of Milviz)
  • Robust “Aircraft Sharing” technology, allowing for up to 7 users to fly the aircraft together online
  • Intuitive Addon Manager to allow easy product installation and management
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