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As expected, TFDi Design has released PACX. The new tool looks to bring the feeling of responsibility of looking after crew and passengers. The uninstrusive tool will create a new dynamic environment for you to work in as a pilot.

Using varied announcements, the flight attendant and all crew instructions will be different depending on the time of day, weather conditions and in-flight events. If you’re delay, the crew will let you know about it. Equally, if you make up time, expect to receive some happy passenger reports. Passengers and crew will react based on purpose of travel, age as well as other random variances to give a truly dynamic experience when flying.

Out of the box, PACX is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3DV1-4 and both X-Plane 10 and 11. Whilst it works well as a utility for all aircraft add-ons, PACX has been integrated with the following aircraft:

  • TFDi Design 717
  • Quality Wings 787
  • PMDG 737NGX
  • PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II
  • PMDG 777

Over time, more aircraft will be added to the list.

After each flight, you will be able to see a full flight report via the online tool. This will give you a report based on your flying, timekeeping and more. Throughout each flight, you will be kept informed of their wellbeing at all times by your flight attendants.

TFDi Design’s PACX is now available for $29.99. The product is fully ready to be used but will be updated for free overtime. As such, it does carry the early-access caveat.

Feature List

  • Simulation of passenger reactions is based on their purpose for travel, age, and a variety of other parameters. These reactions also have a touch of random variance to simulate the nuances in a person’s mood.
  • In-flight and at-gate incidents have several outcomes and natures, allowing each situation to feel unique.
  • You have the ability to announce an ahead of schedule arrival, or to cancel diversions, allowing issues like delays and diversions to be more fluid and realistic.
  • A combination of the user interface and the crew announcements creates an informative and immersive experience for every scenario.
  • Passengers may give input on certain elements of the flight in the form of written comments, depending on the flight.
  • Web-based flight reports can be easily shared with friends or virtual airlines
  • Via simple XML scripting, various elements of PACX can be customized and expanded.
  • Applications can inform PACX of flight information to reduce the amount of manual data entry required.
  • A simple network interface allows PACX to send and receive information, in real time, from other applications.
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