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TFDi has updated their PACX add-on to version The update comes with some highly anticipated additions, such as a career mode. Career mode will allow you to run an airline as you wish. There are several ‘reputations’ (economy, balanced, business) to choose from. Each reputation will come with dynamic events that presumably can have a positive or negative impact on your career. The career mode also allows the option for you to restrict aircraft so that you have to progress through the ranks in order to unlock aircraft to fly. Hardcore mode is also added, with a realistic set of requirements and rules: every flight is recorded, and time acceleration and slew mode are disabled. also includes an awards system. Awards can be earned by completing certain activities or other statistics from your simulator flights. Awards come with several tiers to distinguish prestige, and TFDi allows users to compete with each other every month to win awards.

The update also comes with a native X-Plane bridge so that PACX can display native in-sim menu’s and messages. Also new is record syncing, which can backup and synchronise your careers. This is optional, and PACX remains completely usable offline.

There are a few more changes in this update, such as updated sounds, a records system, and some other setting and logic changes. You can find a full changelog at the end of this post. You can also read Josh’s forum post here, where he will explain more about the newly added features that have been mentioned above.


  • [ADDED] Career mode
  • [ADDED] Awards system
  • [ADDED] Integrated records system
  • [ADDED] Flight-specific sounds (flight numbers, destinations, time, temperature, etc.)
  • [ADDED] In-sim menu and in-sim message support to X-Plane 10 and 11 via PACXBridgeXP
  • [ADDED] Crash detection and appropriate logic
  • [ADDED] Ability to display certain messages from PACX inside the simulator
  • [ADDED] Option to enable/disable filter (PA) effect on custom audio files
  • [ADDED] Fokker 50, 70, and 100 to the aircraft database
  • [ADDED] LTFM to the airport database
  • [ADDED] Default boarding music
  • [FIXED] An issue that could cause unreliable network communication with PACX
  • [FIXED] Capitalization of certain notable events
  • [FIXED] An issue that could cause directories to only partially copy
  • [FIXED] An issue that could cause passenger counts not to be loaded from the FlightConfiguration.xml file
  • [CHANGED] Boarding complete is always announced
  • [CHANGED] Refined UI
  • [CHANGED] Made incidents moderately more likely
  • [CHANGED] The START button is now a MENU button
  • [CHANGED] Audio delays are better handled for boarding complete and cabin ready announcements
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