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TFDi Design 717 Updated To v1.1.1.0

2018 12 10 0 19 15 959

Right in time for Christmas, TFDi Design has announced in a forum post that they’ve pushed a v1.1.1.0 update for their Boeing 717 add-on.

This update adds support for the reverser axis in Prepar3D v4, fixes REX WX Advantage radar integration, improves fuel flow, removes custom auto rudder implementation and more including bug fixes which can be found in the changelog below.

If you don’t already own the TFDi 717, you can grab a hold of it on TFDi Design’s store for $59.99 (Incl. VAT). It is compatible with FSX/SE and Prepar3D v2-4. 

Maintenance Update Changelog

  • [ADDED] Support for the “reverser” axis in P3Dv4
  • [FIXED] Incorrect behavior of the “RETARD” ATS mode
  • [FIXED] Incorrect display of radial intercept line on ND
  • [FIXED] Tablet auto-lock setting not being saved
  • [FIXED] An edge-case overlap of the AFS/ATS annunciation mode displays
  • [FIXED] REX WX Advantage radar integration
  • [FIXED] FMS SPD button not activating EDIT/ECON SPEED mode correctly
  • [FIXED] A line drawing/NAV issue
  • [FIXED] A minor table of contents issue with the General Knowledge Guide
  • [FIXED] An issue causing offset magenta line drawing
  • [FIXED] An issue preventing the spoiler warning on the ground and spoiler usage at high throttle on the ground
  • [FIXED] An edge case scenario that could cause the incorrect airport to be inserted into the flight plan
  • [FIXED] Text overlap on the PROGRESS page
  • [FIXED] PLAN mode base alignment
  • [FIXED] Airports not appearing properly in PLAN mode
  • [CHANGED] Transponder knob digit assignment
  • [CHANGED] Removed custom auto rudder implementation
  • [CHANGED] Improved fuel flow during startup
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