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TerraMaxx Released for X-Plane 11


After we posted the news yesterday of TerraMaxx coming to X-Plane 11, we were excited to see when exactly it would be released today along with the pricing information. The team has now made it available on X-Aviation’s store for $39.95. The tool will allow X-Plane users to enjoy seasonal textures within the sim, both manually and automatically.

TerraMax will allow users to both set up the seasonal textures both manually or automatic. Automatic means that as you fly around the world in X-Plane, you’ll see the textures change and load dynamically without ever having to leave the sim. The developer did state that there would be a slight pause as it loads in a new texture set (e.g. summer textures to winter textures), but are working with Laminar Research to try and resolve this going forward. Manual mode will simply allow you to use the in-app menu to select which season you want to see globally. You will also be able to add post-processing effects that gives winter and autumn more appropriate hues during flight.

When it comes to compatibility, the team has worked hard to ensure that scenery designers can make their airports integrate with the technology. Included in the file is information on how to do this for developers. Currently, othophoto scenery isn’t compatible, but depending on community feedback, the team will look into how this could work in the future.

Other features include replacement tree textures which are 4 times that of the default resolution in the sim and the ability to swap between high-resolution maps or normal resolution for the terrain textures. If your GPU has more than 5GB of VRAM, it will default to high-resolution.

You can buy it now from the X-Aviation store for $39.95. If you have already bought it, tell us what you think in the comments below.

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