Terrainy Studios Releases Hausen Am Albis Airport for MSFS

Following their latest release of Ikaria Airport (LGIK), scenery developer Terrainy Studios has released their Hausen Am Albis Airport (LSZN) scenery for MSFS enthusiasts to discover and explore. 

Hausen Am Albis is a small general aviation airport located about 14 kilometers to the south of the Swiss city of Zurich. Already in the early 1930s did enthusiastic sailplane adventurers discover the advantageous thermic conditions surrounding the Albis, leading to many enthusiasts trying their luck at soaring across its ridges. After long-lasting negotiations, in 1962, construction on an official airfield began, with the so-called “Swissair Miniature Airport” being inaugurated a year later on the 10th of August, 1963. 

Following its inauguration, the airfield mainly served as one of the home bases for Swissair’s Aviation Academy (SLS). Today, in addition to its original grass runway, the airport also features an asphalt runway, allowing for motorized aviation to take place on its grounds. Being a restricted airfield in real life, aviators wanting to pay the field a visit must be in possession of a formal authorization. 

Scenery developer Terrainy Studios has rendered homage to this history-rich Swiss airfield by creating a faithful and detail-rich virtual rendition of the field for MSFS users to discover. The developer claims that its highly detailed 3D recreation of the airport comes included with 4k PBR textures, a custom mesh, 10cm/pixel custom ortho imagery, and custom-created detailed hangar interiors for users to explore. 

Terrainy Studios’ Hausen Am Albin (LSZN) scenery is now available for purchase via either the Orbx online store, where it will cost you €10.29 Ex. VAT or via the simMarket online store where it will set you back €8.29 Ex. VAT respectively.

Feature List

  • Highly detailed 3D model of the airport and its surroundings.
  • Very detailed main hangar interior.
  • Spawn point available inside the main hangar.
  • 10cm accuracy (ZL20) orthophoto, covering the airport area.
  • Many static models of people, animals, planes etc.
  • Accurate runway slope.
  • 4K textures exclusively using PBR.
  • Performance optimized.
  • Custom mesh.
  • Accuarte approach landmarks.
  • Custom placed vegetation.
  • Fully working ground and ATC services.
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