TDS Sim GTNXi Released for MSFS

Tds0sim Gtnxi

Dubbed as the most advanced gauge for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the TDS Sim GTNXi adds a replica of the avionics product into your simulator. Using high-resolution displays, the GTNXi brings an array of features to simmers looking for the navigation device.

The GTNXi is an advanced navigation tool designed to help pilots have impeccable situation awareness during flight. The tool enables pilots to see nearby airports, airspace restrictions and local terrain. Furthermore, the GTNXi acts as a flight planning tool, radio communication panel and also the ability to view airport diagrams.

The TDS Sim GTNXi has been developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator and runs as a standalone app alongside the simulator. As this is an external app, it doesn’t integrate with any particular aircraft and instead, can be docked onto another screen or device which is hooked up to your PC. According to the developer, virtual cockpit integration is “planned“, but not yet possible due to the SDK being limited. It’s worth noting that both the 750Xi and the 650Xi are included in the pack.

Other features for the product include dimmable display brightness, adjustable sound volume and glide range rings for those occasions where you may get an engine failure.

Until 31st June 2021, the TDS Sim GTNXi for Microsoft Flight Simulator will cost €39.95 (excluding taxes). After that date, the price will increase to €49.95.

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