Taxi2Gate Seattle-Tacoma P3D V4 Update Released

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Taxi2Gate has released a new update for Seattle-Tacoma airport in the Northwest region of US, Washington. The airport itself sits approximately twelve miles south of downtown Seattle.

New features include SODE jetways, changes to the terminal to reflect the real-world counterpart and dynamic lighting. It’s obviously been compiled with the P3DV4 compiler.

The scenery is available to buy and or upgrade at Simmarket’s website.

For users that already own the P3DV3/FSX version of this scenery gets a special upgrade price of 5 EUR (Excluding VAT).

Changelog for P3D V4 compatibility:

  • SODE jetwyas compatibility
  • Some changes on terminal
  • Alaska hangar colors
  • All ground P3D v4 compiled
  • Dynamic lights
  • Configurator

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    1. You need to be logged in at Simmarket and buy the v4 version, if you are logged in then it will give you an automatic price of €5.

      No free upgrade

  1. The runway edge lighting for 34R/16L is still not working in this version. It didn’t work in the last version either….surprised things like this don’t get caught in beta…..

    1. These guys are a real joke. The runway lighting issue has been there since it was released. I can’t believe that they cannot fix this. I know they are aware of it, yet still charge $5 for V4. I don’t mind paying but fix the shit you have before moving to another airport. My first T2G airport and last….

    1. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard on this site so far. Two runways have lights one does not. What could be a easy fix from the developer let’s just not use that runway at night… ok

  2. Fix the runway lights. Its okay to hold the developer to a higher standard. That’s how our hobby moves up to the next level. I was ready to buy until I read these posts and I have been waiting for this airport……