TailStrike Designs Releases Reggio Calabria Scenery for P3D

Reggio Calabria Professional Prepar3D V5 Official Trailer Aerosoft

TailStrike Design’s scenery, Reggio Calabria Professional for P3D v4.5 and v5, has been released.

Reggio di Calabria Airport (LICR) is located in the southern province of Calabria in Italy. It is a joint civil & military airport that connects the local region to Rome and Milan through Alitalia and seasonally to Turin via Blue Air. The airport is also lightly utilized for importing and exporting cargo. In 1939 this airport was the very first to be built in the province as it saw service as an Italian Royal Air Force base until 1947 when it started accepting commercial traffic. It’s less common name is the Tito Minniti airport, named after a local war hero.

To the north of the airport is the local football team whose stadium is a great aesthetic feature alongside a large cargo-processing facility. All major buildings around the airport have been modeled in 3D, complimenting the customized autogen scenery for the remainder of the city while maintaining compatibility with Orbx.

TailStrike Designs has included; PBR Ground Poly, PBR airport buildings, ground rain effects, 3D custom approach lights, and 3D apron vehicles to enhance their professional series. All the while allowing some customization in the extensiveness of airport vehicles and 3D objects.

You can find this product in the Aerosoft Store for €20.97 excluding VAT.

Feature List

  • PBR Ground Poly
  • Ground rain effects
  • Sat image surrounding the airport is Orbx compatible
  • Custom Terrain mesh
  • Surrounding cityscape done with customized autogen
  • Airport buildings with the latest layout done in PBR
  • 3D cars in the parking lot
  • Custom trees and 3D grass
  • Fully reproduced LICR aeroclub
  • Major buildings around airport reproduced in 3D
  • 3D approach custom lights
  • 3D apron vehicles with animation
  • Customizable density of some 3D objects and animation of vehicles
  • Main city buildings such as “Stadio Granillo”
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